Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Superior Wood Products BLOG Launch!

Welcome to Superior Wood Products, lead by Gale Schaffer.  We have been building beautiful custom cabinetry and furniture for clients across the USA, for over 25 years!

Our head office, state-of-the-art workshop and amazing team of master craftsmen are located in the city of Warsaw, Indiana.  In addition, we boast over 20 successful dealerships throughout the USA, each offering our outstanding product.

The team is proud to announce the launch of our new Blog, updating you on the latest completed projects and interesting work in progress from the workshop!

We are inspired by custom cabinetry interior trends, styles, colors, materials, techniques, news and views and are genuinely excited to share our love of what we do.  We hope you enjoy...

SWP project featured in K+BB, May Issue 2014

As always, we are proud and thankful to partner with amazing builders and designers such as Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Mark Timothy Luxury Homes, Seppala Corporation and Diamond Custom Homes.

Enjoy the rest of the Summer!

Gale and The Team at SWP.

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